About Us

We have all heard the phrase "Jack Of All Trades", but what does that mean in the graphic design industry? Can one person really be a jack of all trades?

Although many designers may boast such a skill, many times, the only skill they have mastered is the art of a sale. In order to be a truly creative and innovative company, design requires a team effort. Up until now, the only way to get that team design effort was to hire a design firm, they have the man power, the high rise office space, coffee services and the billiard tables, but wait, what does all that have to do with you? Everything, without you, there is no coffee, billiards or high rise office space.

So why not use your adverting and marketing budget more effectively?

In steps Media 3 Design, Inc. Instead of an account manager handling the middle ground and marking up costs, our Senior level talent works directly for you, getting to know your business, its goals and hurdles on an intimate level. While you will receive one on one attention, you will actually still have a team working on your project. We pool our resources for each and every project from a team of creative freelancers to provide you with the best solution, without the extra costs of the coffee service, billiards table and high rise office space. Besides, we are more of a ping-pong company!